What to do before boarding your dog

Not every boarding kennel is the same. Some of them may perfectly suit your needs, while others will result in a disastrous experience for both you and your dog. You need to do your homework in order to find the one best suited to your needs. It can be an extremely difficult experience for both you and your dog when you are leaving them at the dog boarder, but you can have some comfort knowing that it is a quality and enjoyable environment. Read More 

How to Choose a Boarding Kennel for Your Pet

Going out of town for a few days or weeks? A good boarding kennel can give your pet quality care and give you a peace of mind while you are away. Finding a good boarding kennel need not be an exhausting task when you know what to look for in a facility. Most boarding kennels are booked up months in advance, especially for popular holiday periods so start looking early enough to ensure you find the right facility for the days you will be away. Read More 

How to Find Cat Boarding for a Cat with These 4 Special Needs

If your cat isn't just your average moggie, but needs extra or special care, it can be extra challenging to find a cat boarding facility that suits your show cat's special needs. Here are some options based on some of those needs. Finding care for unsterilised cats If your cat is not neutered because you intend to use them as a breeding cat, this can limit your options. Not only do non-neutered cats run a risk of pregnancy/impregnating the other cats, they can also have a more volatile personality due to the extra hormones racing through their bodies and may not be accepted in to some facilities as a result. Read More 

Five Essential Tips for Making a Cattery Stay Easier on Your Anxious Cat

If you are going on holiday, a cattery is the perfect place to leave your cat. However, if you have an anxious cat, he or she may not want to be left in a new place. To make the experience easier on your anxiety-ridden cat, check out these five tips: 1. Choose a quiet and calm cattery Before dropping your cat off at the cattery, schedule some time to look around it and get a sense of how it feels. Read More