Five Essential Tips for Making a Cattery Stay Easier on Your Anxious Cat

If you are going on holiday, a cattery is the perfect place to leave your cat. However, if you have an anxious cat, he or she may not want to be left in a new place. To make the experience easier on your anxiety-ridden cat, check out these five tips:

1. Choose a quiet and calm cattery

Before dropping your cat off at the cattery, schedule some time to look around it and get a sense of how it feels. Cats who are anxious are typically more easily bothered by noises or intense activity. To help your cat stay calm, the ideal cattery should be a relaxing, quiet and low key place. If you walk in the door to the sound of cats howling, it is probably not the right place for you. However, if it has quiet punctuated by purring, you have found the perfect place.

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2. Give your kitten a place to hide

When animals or people feel anxious or afraid, they often feel more calm if they can hide. This is one of the reasons that cats tend to like cardboard boxes. Look for a cattery that has large areas for each cat to stay, and look for a way to include a hiding spot for your cat in that area.

Just a simple box with a blanket in it should suffice. Your cat will feel more comfortable with the option to hide away as he or she needs.

3. Consider using calming kitty herbs

Herbs like catnip, valerian and chamomile are known to help kittens feel calm. You can give your cat the herbs to chew on, or you can infuse them into water or oil and spray them around your cat's area. If possible, leave some extra herbs with the cattery so that they can dispense them as needed.

4. Talk with your vet about anti-anxiety meds

Just as people have anti-anxiety meds, pets do as well. If your kitten really struggles with anxiety, talk to your vet about prescription medications. You can also get sedatives that allow your cat to sleep through most of their stay.

5. Look for experts in cat anxiety

When choosing a cattery for your furry feline, talk with the staff. Ask them if they know how to calm an anxious kitten, and ask about which calming strategies they use in particular. If they do not know how to deal with anxiety, look for a cattery with staff members that specialise in reducing anxiety.