How to Find Cat Boarding for a Cat with These 4 Special Needs

If your cat isn't just your average moggie, but needs extra or special care, it can be extra challenging to find a cat boarding facility that suits your show cat's special needs. Here are some options based on some of those needs.

Finding care for unsterilised cats

If your cat is not neutered because you intend to use them as a breeding cat, this can limit your options. Not only do non-neutered cats run a risk of pregnancy/impregnating the other cats, they can also have a more volatile personality due to the extra hormones racing through their bodies and may not be accepted in to some facilities as a result.

Care options: isolated care conditions, in-home conditions, breed specific cat boarding facilities.

Finding care for cats with special grooming needs

Some breeds of cats require extra grooming attention, from long hair Persians requiring extra brushing, to extra eye wiping and nose clearing for short haired Exotics. Most cat boarding facilities are happy to negotiate in extra care to make your pet more comfortable, although you may be required to pay a small surcharge for the extra attention.

Care options: general facilities with extra care

Cats with clingy personalities

While cats have a reputation for being standoffish, some breeds such as the Scottish Folds are extremely bonded to their owner and get sad if they are left alone. While they can be great travel companions as a result, they are not well suited to situations where they spend a long time apart from their owner. The local association for your breed might be able to recommend a cat boarding or home stay option that has a good reputation for cats of your breed.

Care options: home stay cat boarding, house sitter with a work at home job

Cat with exercise requirements

If you have a puss that is used to being walked, such as some Siamese, normal exercise facilities at cat boarding facilities may not be enough. Be sure to let your cat boarding facility know about your cats normal exercise routine, and make sure to leave a leash and harness. They'll be able to organise a daily walk to suit your cat, in line with their normal habits.

Care options: cat boarding facility with additional walking, home stay cat boarding

As you can see there are many options available for show cats with different needs. Be sure to discuss any concerns with local catteries such as Blu Ice Cattery and they'll be happy to work with you to come up with a solution that suits you and your cat.