How to Choose a Boarding Kennel for Your Pet

Going out of town for a few days or weeks? A good boarding kennel can give your pet quality care and give you a peace of mind while you are away. Finding a good boarding kennel need not be an exhausting task when you know what to look for in a facility. Most boarding kennels are booked up months in advance, especially for popular holiday periods so start looking early enough to ensure you find the right facility for the days you will be away. Here are some things to look for in a boarding kennel.

State of the Facility

Before deciding on the right boarding kennel for your pet, visit the facilities to research more about it. The kennel should be licensed by the local authority and have a certificate to prove this. Inquire about dog vaccinations especially Bordetella (kennel cough). A kennel should require that all pets are vaccinated before boarding.

Ask for a tour around the facility. What is the layout like? A facility with indoor and outdoor dog runs allows your dog to remain outdoors during the day and offers protection against heat and cold. A facility that only offers indoor kennels should allow outdoor runs for dogs or have them walked during the day. Outside areas should offer protection from rain and snow depending on the season.

The kennel should have proper ventilation and be disinfected on a daily basis to discourage odors. Each dog should have a place to lie down either on a raised bed or on clean, soft clothing. Ensure that the facility is clean and that currently boarding pets look comfortable and well taken care of.

Supervision and Interaction

A good boarding kennel should allow dogs to exercise their minds and bodies through various activities such as walks and playtime which are adequately supervised. Playtime should be segregated depending on the dog size to avoid inadvertent injury when larger dogs share spaces with smaller dogs. If your dog is people-oriented, it is important that he receives special attention from the staff. Find out whether the kennel is staffed during the night. Emergencies may arise during the night especially if your dog needs special attention at all times.


The food that the boarding kennel feeds dogs is very important. If your dog has a special diet, it is important to find out whether it will be available at the facility. If not, the facility should allow you to bring your pet's special food. Otherwise, you need to find a facility that will abide by your dog's dietary needs. Once your pet is boarded, ensure that you remind the staff on any medical or behavioral issues your pet has to ensure adequate care is given.

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